The “PASAWAY” Generation

I was at a Student Leaders Assembly of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila last December 2014. One speaker on that event called us, “Mga Pasaway” for the reason that on a weekend where exams are just around the corner we decided to go to that event and listen. He then justified that, us, being pasaways can be a positive thing for the society. 

According to, Pasaway is someone who mischievously insists on behaving contrary to what is expected in a situation, almost as if purposely baiting to be told not to. 

The definition is fitting for the generation who, instead of studying goes to computer shops late at night. Who, instead of obeying their parents to not get into a romantic relationship will be seen holding hands with his girlfriend or boyfriend at malls. Also, young adults and teenagers who go to the streets protesting for something.

As I look back, the speaker was right. We are pasaways because instead of studying for our exams we are there participating in an open forum about SK Reforms and Aquino administration. I write this article because there are posts about High School students up until the collegiate level who occupied EDSA, did a noise barrage, rallied in Katipunan, posting on social media, about the issue of the late President Ferdinan Marcos being  buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. 

One argument is, we are too young and why don’t we just study. Yes we are too young but not too young to be involved. What’s the point of putting up a Student Government or Council during our High School if we cannot put that involvement outside campus? Also, we study and the reason why all these things are happening is because we do study. Our teachers should be proud that we are on the streets and defending our principles, a professor in Ateneo postponed his class because he said that there are alot of things to be learned other than what we will learn in the classroom. 

Another argument is we do not know anything or even experienced what happened then so we should not be affected. The documentaries, films, news, and experiences of other people, probably is enough. We do not ask the Marcos family to apologize to our generation, they should apologize to the families affected by the killings, sexual abuses, and missing personalities. Maybe we are not affected by the Martial Law but we are affected up until now by the debts of that administration. We are taxpayers, one way or another. 

There are other arguments but let me only cite thosr two. Maybe we are not there. Maybe we were not yet alive back then but we know that sexual abuse is wrong, we know that killing just because you feel like it is wrong, stealing is wrong, and all of those stuffs that happened. Don’t go at me with the projects of the Marcos administration, I admire the mind of Marcos. He is not stupid, he has a brilliant mind but alongside Imelda Marcos and his administration who started all those negative things that happened under his watch, that I do not admire. 

The youth of today is tagged as Pasaways. Maybe, we can accept that label. Let’s make it a statement. We are all pasaways. Why? We don’t go with the norm. We break the status-quo and that for me is a good thing. We will continue to not go with the norm and insist what is better for thr society we all live in. Continue tagging us as a “PASAWAY” because we will be. We will prove that being one will not always mean having a negative impact on society rather we will be pasaway in a way where we will affect the society in a positive manner. A catalyst of change. A symbol of hope, after all the young generation will always be that hope for the future. Then so be it. 

(Photo not mine. Credits to the owner)


A millenial’s response to everyone who said we were too young.

I am writing this to all the people who said we are too young to voice out and be affected by the Marcos Burial and to my fellow youths who were not born in the era of Martial Law.

To the people who said that we should not be affected, that is your opinion. I respect that. Either you are a supporter of Marcos or you are not just as affected as we are. I will not reply with those witty replies of why are you so happy every Christmas yet you were not there in Bethlehem or when you were affected with the Spanish regime and World War II when you discussed it in class rather I answer you with a challenge: Try to be involved. 

Yes, be involved. Academic organizations are given but try to go and be involved socially, conduct outreach programs, check out leadership forums, symposiums, seminars and ask different people, people who were living at that time about what they experienced. Read up. Read articles both good and bad and weigh them. Try to check out documentaries and films. Your involvement is what the society needs today. Our involvement as a youth is what the society needs. Last elections, we are the almost half of the population. The so-called “YouthVote” can actually dictate the outcome of the elections and sadly, not everyone cares. The challenge to us to get involved is also a challenge for us to care. To care for our country, not just one side, we do not take sides, if you are pro or anti somebody, we take the side of the Filipino people, after all, we are part of this Filipino people.

To the people who are saying we are too young, yes you are correct, we are young but not too young to voice out any of our opinions. The fact that we can do such things are the product of what our elders did. They fought for our freedom and in doing so, we are capable of doing such things. 

I am sad that some people don’t take these things seriously as some of us do. I understand, this is not their cup of tea but aren’t we just drinking the same thing? Tea?

I am not yet alive when Martial Law was imposed, I am happy I was not but I am deeply saddened for the people who still are missing (reality: dead) until now. Now tell us, tell me, how can we forget if the stories of the one living at that time is still alive in their minds and in their hearts and we hear it from them? 

Yes, no apology needed for us, millenials, but what we ask is justice and apologies for the families who were affected by the Martial Law. Killed. Tortured. Sexually Abused. Traumatized. They are the ones who need an apology, not us. If fighting for them and figjting for the country is to voice out our opinion in the social media, in the streets, then so be it. 

We will never stop fighting for our country and its people. As the first part of our constitution states:

We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society, and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity, the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.”

A look at reality through the lenses.

(This time, for the films)

This is for my love of films and the admiration to filmmakers and writers. I want to break down the documentaries and films shown at “Sining Siwalat” but I’m no professional but again, I love movies and documentaries so why not and write about it. Get bored.


  1. Relapse

A story of a teenager fed up by problems at home, a typical story of peer-pressure. This is a bold move by college students to show the reality of drug abuse in our generation and pre-marital sex. It’s funny that it plays with our mind if Ligaya truly exists, so as Mary Jane, or they are just portrayals of a party drug and marijuana given their names. This is a great short that gives us a glimpse of reality and a look to the world of a drug abuser. Good research or personal experience? Nevertheless, great story.

  1. Vlog

This short is a feel good short film but at the end of the film you will see the depth of it. Some may say that it is a cliché ending of an internal family issue but the side where the main character does a video blog to not show how he really feels is also a manifestation of reality. This is what I like short independent films; it can portray a story of many individuals in a short amount of time. Vlog, just like Relapse, gives us what is happening in our real world and letting us see that through lenses. I like that they made the sister close to her brother, and when asked if they’re close he jokingly said no but took it back; a great scene that gives us something in the end which is the real reason why he asks for approval from other people. This short film made me realize the urgent need for more information about mental health and that alone gives this film a commendation.

  1. Tala

If you love film theories and cliffhangers, Tala would be a great one for you. Set in the martial law years (or post-martial law, I cannot remember), Tala gave the audience a taste of what it’s like during those times. I find it interesting that they used a negative tone in asking, “Hindi ka ba malaya?” If you look at it, asking a yes or no on that question gives us just one answer: Hindi ako malaya. Letting the audience know, knowing that the audience is mostly composed of college students not born in that era, that whatever is happening back then, there is no freedom. I also love the way the conversation went on with only just questions. “Bakit hindi mo ako tinatanong ng “bakit?”” “Nasaan na po si Lucilla?”” It deeply tells the story and when the main character gives the portrait he drew, the shot gives us a glimpse of the nurse. It leaves the audience the freedom of asking if the nurse was shocked, are they related, what really happened. The best thing? There’s no wrong answer. Lastly, when the nurse asked the character on how he escaped he began describing the four walls of the room; it got me thinking that, what if he never left and stayed and he does not know what really happened to Lucilla. The best thing? There’s no wrong answer and we can go with whatever theory we want.

  1. Lagda

A not so typical story, shot only in a room. The genius of shooting this one in just a room was enough to tell the story. A story of selfishness, self-approval, self-esteem, domestic violence, and friendship; Lagda, gives us these things. A story of girl who always want her parents to be proud of her and in doing so, always want to excel in any ways and a girl who was raped by his dad who was afraid of going to authorities. Two different stories but that’s just who we are as Filipinos, we always think excelling every time will be the best way to make our parents proud and in the side of parents, pressuring their children on excelling every time. We also think, because of our close family ties culture, relatives are to be defended even though they already broke the law, or in this case, broke the girl as a person. I just feel like this kind of a story would be good in a full length film because the film itself is wanting more storyline with the two girls as best friends and an emphasis on how the idea of writing the story into an essay and winning, for me, will make the suicidal tragic. Over-all, it gives us a great plot with a great tragic ending.

  1. Hapis

Let me just say this, this is the first time a short independent film gave me goosebumps the whole film. A lot of independent films gave me goosebumps in some scenes but this gave me one, the whole time. Hapis was well thought, well written, and well played. The breakdown of each sorrowful mystery into what is happening in the life of the character was just genius; from the agony in the garden, portraying it by there’s no food to eat and just praying. A crucial part would be the guy character; it gives the audience a sense of what will happen next, especially in scourging at the pillars mystery. We thought, at the end, knowing that the last mystery was death of Jesus Christ at the cross, the main character will die but, like what I said that it is well written, the film showed us a different view; a different view of sorrow and agony and leading to doing something not good. The reveal on the last sequence was superb. The minute she was done praying the rosary, revealing that she was already in prison but that’s not the best part. The best part was the last shot, when the camera zooms out, it was a shot well thought by the production, no wonder this film got the best film of the festival.

  1. Istatik

Let me commend the college students who made this film because not all first films of people are horror or thrillers, it is with great thinking these genre are successful. A great use of the setting and a great twist at the end, Istatik gives this to you. While watching the film, I ask myself why is there only one seeing the black lady even though it was so obvious. My only take would be, the storyline would be at its best if it was a full length film with a backstory on what really happened to that place and who the girl was all along. Istatik plays with the audience mind in a different way, not unlike what we usually see in mystery films. It gives us the chills and the portrayal of the actors made the story look better.

(Posters taken from Sining Siwalat Facebook page. Credits to the owners)

Awesome job by the people behind this film festival! Hope everyone can see what you did! Go out and do more, we deserve to see a lot of these!

Everyone has their story to tell.

I watched a school film festival in Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba. My love for films and documentaries made me and a support to a friend who was part of it. I want to break down the documentaries and films shown at “Sining Siwalat” but I’m n professional but again, I love movies and documentaries so why not and write about it. Get bored. (This will just be for documentaries. I find it very long if the films will be included in one article.)


  1. Aragonite

I failed to start this documentary but what caught me even though I just saw midway is that the fact that the people who made this gave the audience a glimpse of what art is supposed to be. I love the fact that they featured a Filipino artist who found his success abroad. Yes we all know about Luna, Abueva, Cabrera, but does our generation know who Edd Aragon is? I also admire when the former NCCA Commissioner said something about art being the soul of our culture and the sad truth about artists going abroad just to be recognized. This is where our nationalism enters. The moment we support and recognize our own artists, in any genre, does not need to go abroad to be recognized, international media will go to the Philippines and we let them recognize us.

  1. Lakbay Silo

A local story of a puto vendor may be odd for some but not for me. Yes, it started as odd because I asked myself the question why, but as the story continues on I said to myself that, “That is the main point, everyone has their own story worth telling, this is the perfect example for that one.” Yes, I was right, I was struck when the vendor said that even with a degree she chose to sell for a living and the most admirable thing she said is that she does not care if her children sell rice cakes also for a living when the time comes. This story gives us the importance of education and it does not matter how small or big your job is, it is far more important on why and how you do it.

  1. Buhay sa Hukay

Buhay sa Hukay is an documentary full of information. A bold story from the production giving us a point of view of what it’s like working in the cemetery, not much of excitement but what I like with this one is the boldness of shots. College students making this kind of documentaries made a bold statement: No story is too big or too small to tell.

  1. Bahay ni Maria

This documentary, like Buhay sa Hukay, is full of information. Introducing a place where old people are being taken care of. This documentary for me says something about volunteerism especially when the caretaker said that even though there is no monetary value on what he is doing the happiness in doing it is more than enough. Another thing that I realized while watching this would be, nuns will always be of service to us. As we all know that the Roman Catholic Church has been the oldest and largest charitable institution and Bahay ni Maria is a great example of this one, that it is not just through orphanages but also with old people. Lastly, our elders have a lot of story to tell. Now, I challenge you to visit Bahay ni Maria and experience it yourself (You can collaborate with us and contact me)

  1. Butil

Butil for me is like watching a documentary film in television (No bias). I love the fact that it started with us, hearing natural sounds in the field. The rawness of the introduction gave an impression to the audience that what we will see would also be raw. I also like that they incorporate statistics showing how much rice we are wasting. In the documentary, it is stated that “Rice is life”, and an anecdote like this would help us realize the value of little things, as little as a grain of rice. Bonus: I love that what they did with the closing song is an original one, it makes the story more personal as rice and farmers have personal attachment to us, Filipinos.

  1. Kubling Ngiti

Starting with a narration of facial expressions kind of set the tone of how deep or how hard is it for a person to not even smile. I always love seeing people smile and to be honest this documentary opened my mind that there is such disability of someone that cannot smile or even express themselves through facial expressions. This is a mind opener and also a story of acceptance, especially when the mother went to school and to let the students look at small mirrors and explain the state of her child. You can see the love and hurt of the mother in that instance. The innocence of a child, even without a smile, can bring joy to anyone.

(Posters taken from Sining Siwalat Facebook page. Credits to the owners)

The kid who chants Never Say Die

Ever since I started following PBA, at a young age, Ginebra was the one and is the only one I cheered for. I was that young kid that grew up cheering for the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings and being like Bal David was one of my childhood dream. I was that child that was excited seeing Mark Caguioa in his rookie year and seeing the fast and the furious tandem gets their back-to-back championship under coach Siot. Watching Eric Menk dominate the league with 2 straight MVPs, shouting everytime Rodney Santos slashes and Sunday Salvacion shoots the three. I chanted “Pula hindi Lila” the last championship Ginebra won against Air21, 8 years ago. I am still that person who always gets excited to see Ginebra live or on TV. I grew up admiring the game and loving basketball because of Ginebra and 8 years later, I am the fan who wants Ginebra win it all again.

The hopes are up even at the start of the season, with Scottie Thompson being drafted. We tried to advance in the All-Filipino but that last defensive call against the Globalport stole the chance from us. We then hope again with Othyus Jeffers helping us and having a best-of-three series with Rain or Shine in the quarter finals was just disaster for Ginebra. I saw what happened in Cuneta, we were up by a big margin but Rain or Shine with the help of Jeff Chan’s game winning basket gave us another heart-breaking loss. Now, we do not have Greg, but we do have arguably the best import of the conference with Justin Brownlee. We won the games we should’ve won in the eliminations and loss to great teams but Ginebra has something to prove. With a twice-to-beat advantage in the quarter finals and a comeback scare from Alaska, we managed to get the win.

Game 1 of Semi-finals is an unfamiliar territory for everyone. For me, I somewhat wanted it to happen but did not expect it to happen this soon, I told early in the conference that we may not win this one again, but come All Filipino next conference, we should have that already but here we are, in the semi-finals with a chance to claim go to the finals once again. We just need to beat, San Miguel Beermen. Defending champion and with Junemar in and Greg out, cleary, Ginebra is the underdogs. Ginebra’s never say die attitude was manifested all first three games. Yes, we lost game 2 but that could’ve been overtime and we can never know what will happen if Brownlee’s last second shot got it. We were destroyed in game 4. For me, that was the worst game of Ginebra this season but what got me is the chants of everyone in Araneta. They are chanting “GINEBRA! GINEBRA! GINEBRA!” as if we were only down by a single possession with few minutes left. After the game, Ginebra huddled. For me, at this point, I knew that we lost a battle but we did not lose the war.

I am writing this, hours before Game 5 of the semi-finals. We just need 5 more wins to get the crown back. Game 5 may not be a win for the championship but it will be a win to prove something. We all know SMB will not back down, but how about another triple-double performance from Scottie, A good shooting night for Sol, a solid offense-defense from both Brownlee and Japeth and another phenomenal performance from LA and if it is not too much to ask, how about a vintage game from JJ and Mark. We will never know but one thing I am sure about is that I’m sure we will never say die.

On CHR and their efforts on EJK and War on Drugs.

Sa loob ng ilang buwan, nakita nating dumami ang mga tao na sobrang interesado sa mga ginagawa ng gobyerno. Halos lahat nanunuod na ng hearing sa senado o sa kongreso patungkol sa droga o yung tinatawag na extra-judicial killings.

Sa mga patayang naganap, tingin ko ba sapat na ang ginagawa ng Commission on Human Rights na effort para makapag bigay sila ng mensahe sa administrasyong Duterte na parang mali na yung ginagawa nila? Sa aking opinyon, isa itong problema noon pa na sobrang nabigyang pansin nung iba na ang presidente. Hindi lang naman sa laban sa droga merong extra-judicial killings at malamang malaking porsyento ng mga pinatay ay pinatay lamang ng kapwa nila druglords.

Sapat na ba yung ginagawa ng CHR? Pwedeng Oo at pwede ring Hindi. Pwedeng Oo sapagkat nakaka-alarma ang dami ng pinapatay araw araw ngunit alam naman ng lahat na noon pa man ay marami ng napapatay at marami ng biktima ng human rights violation doon papasok ang Pwedeng hindi sapat ang kanilang ginagawa dahil kahit na marami ang namamatay baka masyado lang nilang nasisi ang pulis at administrasyon dahil sa mandato ng presidente laban sa droga baka nakakalimutan na nila na baka sila sila rin ang nagpapatayan. Pero kung sa pagbibigay ng mensahe na anjan sila para mprotektahan ang karapatang pantao, naibigay nila yun.

May mas maganda bang solusyon para dito? Meron. Laging mayroong mas magandang solusyon. makipagtulungan ang CHR sa PNP. Pareho nilang kalaban ang droga at krimen. Walang may gustong mamatay pero kung tinatawag na ng lahat ito bilang giyera, siguro alam ng lahat na may mamatay. Kailangan lang na una, naipaglaban ng may sala ang karapatan nilang pantao, pangalawa, hindi sila basta basta pinatay lamang. at pangatlo, maging maayos ang komunikasyon ng bawat ahensya ng gobyerno kung paano susugpuin ito.

Hindi pa huli ang lahat.

Nasasaktan ako. Nasasaktan ako para sayo.

Nasasaktan ako na sa mga dumaang taon, parang wala lang.

Sa dinami-daming nangyari, parang lahat nabaliwala.

Inagos ng panahon at dinurog ng kahapon.


Pasensya ka na, na pagkatapos kang gahasain ng mga banyaga

Patuloy ka pa ding pinapatay ng sariling pamilya.

Patawarin mo sana kami. Hindi namin mapanindigan ang panata

Na simula palang nung bata sinaulo na namin sa eskwela.

Patawad dahil nasayang at pilit itong ginagawang katawa-tawa


Hayaan mo, may mga taong pilit kang ipaglalaban.

Ipipilit namin ito maging kapalit ay buhay man.

Wag ka munang bumitaw. Habang ang iba ay pilit nabubuhay sa nakaraan.

Hayaan mong igapang natin ang kinabukasan.


Patawad ulit sakanila. Pasensya na sakanila. Hindi ka nila nakikitang talaga.

Babangon tayo, wag ka magalala. Hindi masasayang ang pinaglaban nila Rizal, Bonifacio, Luna, at iba pa.

Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Ipapakilala ka namin sa mundo na mayroong dangal

At sa kabila ng lahat, sasabihin naming, Pilipinas kong mahal. 



Sayaw sa langit.

​Sa tuwing pag sapit ng gabi

Hindi mo na maitago ang iyong mga ngiti.

Sa malamig na simoy ng hangin at sa yakap ng suot mong damit na tamang tama lang ang sukat para maging kumportable ka sa paglalakad. 
Masaya mong hinihintay.

Nagaabang ka na baka may sumilay. Nang biglang hinampas ka ng kasama mo, “Aray!”.

Ayan na pala. Magsisimula na ang palabas. 
Palabas na kahit maingay ito’y iyong kinasasabikan.

Sa bawat paglabas ng mga kulay asul at luntian.

Nakakamangha. Ang mga paputok na kulay dilaw at pula, na parang nagsasayaw na bituin sa langit. At sa ilang saglit lang ay
Tapos na. Naiwan kang nakangiti sa kawalan. Kahit tapos na ang sampung minuto ng kaingayan, hindi ka man lang sumimangot kahit panandalian. Lumingon ka at nasambit mong “Tapos na, ang mahalaga naging masaya ka, kahit tapos na, alalahanin mo yung saya, kahit tapos na.”

Crazy Dreams

It was May of 2008 when I first said “YES” to the Lord, it was not the typical “I went to the youth camp because my parents forced me to” story, rather, I was the one who wanted to go and little did I know, I just wanted to spend some time off that summer, that that moment will change my life. It was a typical 3-day youth camp scenario that started with asking about out crazy dreams and ended by crying because of letters from your loved ones. I cannot forget my answer to that crazy dream question: “To not die”. Yes, I know. That is one crazy dream but not until last Sunday, August 28, 2016, that “What is your crazy dream?” question makes sense. Yes, it does make sense during the talk  but last Sunday, it does makes sense in a whole different way.

I ask myself, why do we ask what our crazy dreams were. Some have answers that goes like: “To become an action star”, “To fly”, “To be an NBA player”, and the list goes on but just recently a crazy dream came true.

I’ve become the older brother from the younger one in the core group of YFL Laguna and the dream of having a District Youth Conference in an enclosed and air conditioned venue goes way back. We always try to get venues that are dark or may seem dark or we make it dark. We always wanted to have that feel of wearing a jacket in the venue. We always wanted to experience that kind of feeling when we first step in to the mall, where the cold air just touches our skin.

Last Sunday, that dream just became a reality, from the very first DYC back in 2010 in an enclosed hall with not more than 200 delegates, to an upper hall at a school, to different school gymnasiums, to an air-conditioned auditorium with cool seats, large stage, in-house lighting, and rehearsal rooms backstage.

It is a privilege to be part of every District Youth Conferences, I may not be the one always seating as a participant, I will always cherish every moment I’ve done as a part of the team that made all 7 DYCs possible. Last Sunday, is the manifestation of our crazy dream from the very first core to the present core. It is an affirmation that it is the reason why every youth camp, the very first question to us is what is our crazy dream; to not stop dreaming. No matter how big, no matter how crazy, no matter how extravagant that dream is because at some point in our lives those dreams will manifest in front of our very eyes and you will be left speechless, all you can do is smile and look back at the people who were with you through the journey to achieve that dream.

Ready to defend. 3 Stars and A Sun

(This is a late post but it makes sense that it will be posted at this time)

Mahilig akong manuod ng stage play, ng musical. Hindi lang para ma-entertain pero para may mapalakpakan dahil sa entablado kaya nilang ipakita kung ano ang tunay na lagay ng lipunan. Sa pamamagitan ng mga linya, pag arte, at musika.

Noong isang araw, nanuod ako ng 3 Stars and a Sun. Isang pagtatanghal na binibigyang buhay muli ang musika ni Francis M.

Habang nanunuod ako, may ilang bagay akong natutunan at nasabi sa aking sarili.

1. Nakakulong padin tayo. We are prisoned in our own lives. Prisoned in our society. Prisoned in a box where we are afraid to go out. We are conformed by the world we live in. We are afraid that other people might judge us if we just jump not knowing where we will land. We are that afraid, that we just let the society dictate how we think and do.

2. Kailangan ba laging may mamamatay? Do we really have to unite just when someone dies? Take for example, Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino. Do we really have to wait for someone to die? My guess is if we all knew what Sec. Robredo did, probably we will all unite back then we he died. Why? We do we wait for people to die just to voice out our opinions. It is the stimulus that makes us all patriotic and nationalistic? That when everybody else is alive, we make a big fuss about the next love team. All of a sudden all of those magkaisa, makabayan, laban, lines were all gone?

3. Nakalimutan na natin ang kasaysayan dahil nabubuhay padin tayo sa kasaysayan. We still live in the past. We all say that history repeats itself, well for me it does not repeat because history never left us however we forgot about it or are we just ignoring all these facts. Is it necesarry that we still kill each other just to attain something? Didn’t we learn from the past? Kulay sa kulay? Can we not just learn from the history and not repeat it all over again?

4. Wala dapat tatsulok. Gawin itong bilog. A line from the play said “Kung sila naman ang nasa taas at tayo ang nasa ilalim, tayo naman ang magiging alipin. Uulit at uulit lang kahit baliktarin mo, may mas mataas at mas mababa lagi.” The answer goes: “Yun na nga eh, hindi ba pwedeng wala nalang tatsulok? Yung pantay pantay lahat.” This statement struck me. Just like today. If one party wins, there will be an opposition and by the next election the opposition will win the losing party will now be the opposition. It’s just a freaking cycle and we all live in that cycle. We all live in the society that everyone will oppose and ironically also everyone will agree. Can we not just agree with something like cheering for Gilas as one nation? Should there be always a sports game to unite us?

As I was reflecting on these thoughts, I came to realize that I have much more to do. I have much more to prove. I have much more to become. This play imposes a challenge to all their viewers, to change the status-quo. The “Pasaway” mentality of our generation should take part in this. Mahilig tayong sumuway, bakit hindi natin suwayin yung norm? Why can’t we break the norm? Break the status-quo. Our ideas should turn into actions and our actions should mean something. May it be changing your own life, changing the way your community look, or changing other people’s lives.

This play challenges us all but more than a challenge, this play gives us hope, that someday, may it not be in our lifetime, but I hope it will be, that Filipinos are ready to defend the 3 STARS AND A SUN.