Why I’d like to run for SK but didn’t

To answer simply the question on why I didn’t run even though I like to is as simple as because I just like it. Not because we like something is we immediately do it without planning or discerning, it is not as easy as deciding on what to eat for lunch or what next video to watch in YouTube.

Ever since there was a debate whether Sangguniang Kabataan should push through or not and when the SK Reform Law was passed, I immediately told my father that I am interested in running. Months pass by and with the knowledge that the elections will push through this May, the idea of it is not just firm to me. I am writing this not to brag about my intentions or my decision but to let everyone know that the job of an SK Councilor or Chairperson is not an easy task, as a youth servant leader for almost 8 years and serving in the CFC – Youth for Family and Life, I learned that service entails a lot of sacrifice and by running and hoping to win for the position will mean letting go of a lot of things. Also, while thinking and discerning on whether to pursue running or not, I realized that there is more to SK in terms of serving the country.

The last thing I realized is that SK is not an avenue for me in service, it is a joy in serving in my own community but I’ll leave the political side of it to them. I would still love to be involve in activities which involves social issues and political issues to immerse myself in those fields. I will continue serving my community by doing the same exact things like conducting Youth Camps, Live Pure forums, Open Mic nights, and a lot more and using my connections outside the CFC-YFL community to help other communities not just in here to grow in love for their self, family, nation, and God.

To my fellow youth who will run for SK this year, I pray that you may put service before self. Magmahal sa bayan, para sa bayan at para lang sa bayan. Padayon!


To help you, this is the SK Operations Manual grabbed from NYC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/137Lvprgxmq7gzvTVYk1vgnZFNMxkMrZ3/view




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