The day I started to dream MORE for the country.

FYI, before I write this I was dreaming for the country, to make it a better place to live in where people live in harmony then suddenly the fire nation… (wrong). Kidding aside, I was dreaming for our country; went to different forums and also engaged myself in different volunteer work.

Last weekend, I went to Davao City to attend the World Singles Congress of CFC – Singles for Family and Life. My experience there was amazing through all the sessions, worship, and all the realizations.

Why I started dreaming MORE for the country?

Staying in Davao for 5 days made me see what our president can do to our country but I start asking how and when then I answered my own question in a matter of walking to the streets of Davao. The president needs us. Yes, President Duterte had the longest term as a mayor of Davao for 22 years and I know that he did not made Davao the city it is now, the people made Davao, Davao. Their discipline and love for their city is immeasurable, for me. Ride a taxi, even a 2 peso change will be given to you. Cross the street when there is an overpass, you won’t see people not using the overpass. Stoplights are indeed stoplights. Smoking ban where you won’t see anyone smoking in public places. Duterte did not made Davao great, the people made it one of the best cities in the world.

They value so much their history and culture and their diversity. We can learn from the Davaoeños from these traits. I hope that someday we learn to embrace our culture and history because probably we are forgetting how our culture is and how great our history is. I hope that someday we learn to accept our differences and accept that we have different beliefs, just like Davao as they celebrate their diversity with Christians, Muslims, and Lumads living together.

Experiencing Davao made me want Philippines to have that kind of discipline. The leader that we have may have questionable decisions but we are not him. We can have our own ways of being better. Yes, Davao will not be perfect and so is the Philippines. Davao is a city and Philippines is a country but we can learn a thing or two on how Davao became the city it is now. People may give this recognition to their leader but I give this recognition to them, the people. Our state is as strong as the strength of its people, we proved that whenever we conduct rallies and history is on our side on this one, let us all start showing our strength once again. Cross the streets on pedestrian crossings, throw trash in trash bins, do not smoke at public places. The coming of change may be a slogan for election but it all starts within us. May we dream and hope more for our country for it is when we truly grow as a nation.




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