I’m writing this while I’m waiting for my flight to Davao.

Not more than 10 years ago, I stood up as the speaker ask us if we are ready to accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit, also not more than 10 years ago, I was a young teenage boy who said yes in going to Cavite and experience my first ever World Youth Congress. After so many years, God has brought me to different places, made me experience the highs and lows of life, meet different people that became not just friends but brothers and sisters. As I sit today, waiting, I find myself smiling and getting excited to knowing what God has in stored for us this weekend, my first World Singles Congress.

A typical mindset would be God will amaze me and give me an experience like never before just like the past WYCs I experienced. Lots of learning and 3 days of Jesus Christ experience; but looking back to those years of Youth Camps, Missions, Conferences, I find myself asking what more and with a sudden realization that, yes, there is more.

I grew up in a family that is active in the community, leaders in the community, and as young as I am, I was exposed to different prayer meetings, worship songs, events that only made sense when I attended my youth camp. Little did I know that the young boy who is excited in going to prayer meetings just to eat bread and sopas is going to conduct the same households for a long time. My innocence as a child then thought me now that there is always more.

Yes, I have attended different conferences and even gave a talk to one and become part of service teams of different missions and events but my eagerness to learn and thirst for Christ should not fall off. I realized that God made me ready for this moment, as I trusted Him for years, I am chosen to be part of a nation bound to let the world know how great God is.

From iTrust, iAm, Lakas ng Diyos, Live, Wildfire, Radikal, Cross Encounter, Relentless, Undefeated, and now Chosen. God made me experience all of these to be ready. As I experience my first WSC this weekend, pray for me, pray that I will be open and my heart will thirst more for God. I will not strip away and let go of what I know now because I know this weekend will be not the same as before. This weekend will be a different one. This weekend I will experience God in a different way. Only one things is for sure. I will experience God and I can’t wait to share that experience after.

This is for me, the Best Life like no other.


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