Give life to life

People say that movies are just movies. We cannot experience those movie like experiences because that is just a work of fiction and imagination.

As I was watching “Meet me at St. Gallen”, this thought ran through my mind again. How come two strangers all of a sudden clicked just because of coffee and similarities and what if that same moment happen in real life. What if at some point in our lives we bumped into a stranger then at that very moment, we have a spontaneous conversation and because we don’t want to ruin that moment, we let it pass by our lives as memories to tell our grandchildren and write it in our journals.

The movie made me ask these things but more importantly a question in the past was answered. Yes it was not a happy ending (spoiler) but it was a good ending. Maybe, just maybe, people come into our lives just to make us happier, in that moment and we need to cherish that moment because those people will not be in our lives forever. That some certain stranger will come, become friends, fall in love, fight for that love, but in the end because of some certain reasons you don’t end up being together. Right person, wrong reason. Right reason, wrong timing. Right time, wrong person. We don’t end up with that person because they’re not the right one, because of reason, and time. We just thought that they were but they’re not. They came because they give life to our lives, to let us realize how awesome it is to be alive and ready ourselves to be the right person when the right person, right time, and right reason comes along.

We all have to find a way to live with ourselves.


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