It is the survival of the fittest, do not worry you’ll survive.

(Dahil August, magtatagalog tayo)

Nanood ako ng Bar Boys na parte ng Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, ito ang inuna ko sa lahat ng pelikulang kasali at ang akala ko isa lang ito sa mga nakakatawa na feel good na storya ng magbabarkada na nasa law school, nag expect ako nung parang sa “The Reunion” type feels na storya pero hindi, binigo ako ng pelikulang ito sa aspetong yon.

Yung akala mo na predictable masyado yung kwento, hindi. Oo makulit, nakakatawa, masaya, pero higit sa lahat sumisimbulo ito hindi lamang sa mga mag-aaral ng abogasya kung hindi para sa lahat ng mag-aaral.

(Medyo nahihirapan ako magtagalog, taglish)

The movie portrays different archetypes of students and their families. Starting with Josh (Kean Cipriano) who did not pass the law school, which I think is a good start because it gives an impact to the character and the story that not all of them will go to law school and gives the audience a question like: “What will happen to his character?” and immediately the character answered the question that he was just forced to take up legal management in college which some of us experienced, being forced into something we do not want. A good thing about his character at the end of the movie is that he pursued his passion.

Erick (Carlo Aquino), a typical story of a student who struggled and has struggles within himself but his family supported him on what he do. Chris (Enzo Pineda) on the other hand, has a conditional support from his father and just like other people wants to prove something to his father. Torran (Rocco Nacino) is the guy you want to be friends with, he is the go-to-guy friend when you would want to know someone but because of pressure and wants to be accepted he later on try to get into a fraternity that he later on realizes what its like, he is somewhat a combination of the three characters.

As much as I love to dig deep into the movie, I suggest you watch it yourself but I would share my biggest takeaway from the movie. I like how they wrote it in such a way where principles are big thing and people stand up to their principles. Every character just fights for their own principles and mind you their principles makes perfect sense. From when the so called “Lordmaster” of the fraternity stood up for brotherhood and what brotherhood meant, when Chris stood up to fight for his grades against his own friend who will flunk when he did not make his grades lower making him not getting honors, professors who stood up to what they know is right, and I personally like it when Erick is having his conversation with their professor who gave him a grade of 3 just to graduate with their conversation happening after the bar exams. I loved it when she said that “kung hindi ka na natatalo, hindi ka na gumagalaw”. It struck me personally because it gave me a reason to give more and risk more.

The movie gives us hope that people can fight for their principles and principles who is ethical. We need more people who will stand up and fight for what they believe in because it is right not because they know it is right but because it is right. And always we need to believe in ourselves, failure is part of life, again “kung hindi ka natatalo, hindi ka gumagalaw”.




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