Tale as old as time

I watched Beauty and the Beast yesterday with my friends and yes, I still enjoyed it even though we all know the plot and we all know that lesson that lies within the story – physical appearance is not important, what’s important is what is inside. Yes, we all know that, but the live action film struck me more than the obvious lesson.

As a child, I would love to watch and sing Disney movies and songs even though they say that it’s for princesses and I am a boy. Now, when I watched Disney’s live action film of Beauty and the Beast it showed me a different lesson; one from Belle and another from Lefou, Gaston’s sidekick.

As much as I want to include Chip’s funny lines here, let us all focus on Belle first. One thing I observed while watching the film, other than how beautiful Emma Watson is, is the honesty of Belle. Her honesty in situations where she and her father is in danger that she tells her father that she is afraid another is when they were escaping into saving the Beast, Maurice tells Belle that it is dangerous, Belle did not act strong and tells her father that no danger can stop them rather she tells him that, yes, it is dangerous. I realized that when we are honest to ourselves it is equivalent to being brave, brave enough to tell that we are afraid but we will still continue because we know that it is for the good of others, brave enough to tell ourselves that it is indeed dangerous but we still go because we know that there is no use if we just sit down and watch. Probably, Belle’s love for books made her strong but her honesty made her stronger.

Lastly, Lefou, in the live action film, Lefou’s character is a nod to the original director who is gay who died of AIDS (read it on an article). I love how they incorporate Lefou’s character where he imitates and admire Gaston but at the end of the story he realized that Gaston did not recognize how loyal he is. What I love the most of his character was when Maurice is telling everyone how Gaston treated him and Maurice asked Lefou to tell everybody what happened, Lefou hesitated for a couple of seconds before Gaston looked at him. There is also line in the song where the crowd is going to raid the castle where Lefou said that yes there is a beast but the monster is out there with them (nv). Lefou’s character got into me because he’s just like everyone of us. We want to tell and act the right thing but someone or someone is holding us back until we realized that the thing or person that is holding us back look at as if we are nothing or we are useless or we’re at our low point in life.

Just like Belle’s and Lefou’s character, we experience all of these things, but we need to recognize our fears and use them to our advantage. Recognize that the world today is distorted, somewhat dangerous, and we need to stand and do something. Unlike Lefou, if we do not do something right now to the things that are holding us back, it is possible that we cannot go back, in the movie the opportunity came to Lefou just the right time, not too late but we don’t need to wait until it’s too late already. We need to do the right thing now.

This movie may be a movie about acceptance and love, about loving despite all the differences and we need to look inside not outside but there is so much more in this movie. Dig deep into it. It is a much watch movie even if we all know that the Beast will be prince again and the end scene will be they will be dancing but there is more to it. Appreciate every little detail because that’s what I love Disney, that in every detail there is something.



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