A look behind the Curtains

I am a theater enthusiast and I was part of school plays when I was in High-School. We attended a workshop conducted by UPLB Thespian Circle and as a culminating event we made our own play; I remember being the main antagonist for that play and the stage was and is still a home for me, and before graduating I was cast in a musical (still in High School). My love for theater did not mellow down as I watch plays in Repertory Philippines and in PETA Theater. My love for theater was a way of me for loving the country as well as I watch different plays with a nationalistic-themed way of writing.

It is a joy for me that a lot of people now are fond of stage performances and theater in particular. On that note,

On the 20th of February, Kislap Productions will hold its Philippine Arts Forum entitled Teatro: Ang Tunay, Ang Totoo that will be held at Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba, Media Center. The speakers for this event are Roxanne Flores, who is a graduate a of Communication Arts  in University of the Philippines Los Baños, a member of UPLB Broadway Company, a theater actor and director, and a teacher, and she’ll come together with her co-speaker,  Yuri Sta. Maria.

At the age of four, Flores was already a theater enthusiast and her beautiful voice begun a way for her to participate in a Theater play. Roxanne Flores’s plays are Sanctuario which she has directed together with writer and music composer, Yuri Sta. Maria and Haciendero,  from Eljay Deldoc’s Articulo Mortis. Flores also has an upcoming play entitled AGRA (a play about farmers). One of her memorable plays is Sanctuario, as said earlier, she directed that play which introduces the love of God, it also is a fund-raising event for their church.

Philippine Arts Forum Laguna Chapter is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary this 2017, and it showcases different forms of arts in the Philippines, workshops, question and answer in a forum manner and talks from the theater actors on what it does take behind the curtains of a theater play and its significant truths.

 You don’t want to miss the mysteries and experiences behind theater. Tangle your minds and keep ourselves participate as we come across to an in depth souls and meanings of a theater play. For more details contact Andrew Naoi at (+63 977) 751 5170 and like our Facebook page Philippine Arts Forum Laguna Chapter. See you there!

Let us all celebrate art this National Arts Month!


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