Crazy Dreams

It was May of 2008 when I first said “YES” to the Lord, it was not the typical “I went to the youth camp because my parents forced me to” story, rather, I was the one who wanted to go and little did I know, I just wanted to spend some time off that summer, that that moment will change my life. It was a typical 3-day youth camp scenario that started with asking about out crazy dreams and ended by crying because of letters from your loved ones. I cannot forget my answer to that crazy dream question: “To not die”. Yes, I know. That is one crazy dream but not until last Sunday, August 28, 2016, that “What is your crazy dream?” question makes sense. Yes, it does make sense during the talk  but last Sunday, it does makes sense in a whole different way.

I ask myself, why do we ask what our crazy dreams were. Some have answers that goes like: “To become an action star”, “To fly”, “To be an NBA player”, and the list goes on but just recently a crazy dream came true.

I’ve become the older brother from the younger one in the core group of YFL Laguna and the dream of having a District Youth Conference in an enclosed and air conditioned venue goes way back. We always try to get venues that are dark or may seem dark or we make it dark. We always wanted to have that feel of wearing a jacket in the venue. We always wanted to experience that kind of feeling when we first step in to the mall, where the cold air just touches our skin.

Last Sunday, that dream just became a reality, from the very first DYC back in 2010 in an enclosed hall with not more than 200 delegates, to an upper hall at a school, to different school gymnasiums, to an air-conditioned auditorium with cool seats, large stage, in-house lighting, and rehearsal rooms backstage.

It is a privilege to be part of every District Youth Conferences, I may not be the one always seating as a participant, I will always cherish every moment I’ve done as a part of the team that made all 7 DYCs possible. Last Sunday, is the manifestation of our crazy dream from the very first core to the present core. It is an affirmation that it is the reason why every youth camp, the very first question to us is what is our crazy dream; to not stop dreaming. No matter how big, no matter how crazy, no matter how extravagant that dream is because at some point in our lives those dreams will manifest in front of our very eyes and you will be left speechless, all you can do is smile and look back at the people who were with you through the journey to achieve that dream.


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