Ready to defend. 3 Stars and A Sun

(This is a late post but it makes sense that it will be posted at this time)

Mahilig akong manuod ng stage play, ng musical. Hindi lang para ma-entertain pero para may mapalakpakan dahil sa entablado kaya nilang ipakita kung ano ang tunay na lagay ng lipunan. Sa pamamagitan ng mga linya, pag arte, at musika.

Noong isang araw, nanuod ako ng 3 Stars and a Sun. Isang pagtatanghal na binibigyang buhay muli ang musika ni Francis M.

Habang nanunuod ako, may ilang bagay akong natutunan at nasabi sa aking sarili.

1. Nakakulong padin tayo. We are prisoned in our own lives. Prisoned in our society. Prisoned in a box where we are afraid to go out. We are conformed by the world we live in. We are afraid that other people might judge us if we just jump not knowing where we will land. We are that afraid, that we just let the society dictate how we think and do.

2. Kailangan ba laging may mamamatay? Do we really have to unite just when someone dies? Take for example, Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino. Do we really have to wait for someone to die? My guess is if we all knew what Sec. Robredo did, probably we will all unite back then we he died. Why? We do we wait for people to die just to voice out our opinions. It is the stimulus that makes us all patriotic and nationalistic? That when everybody else is alive, we make a big fuss about the next love team. All of a sudden all of those magkaisa, makabayan, laban, lines were all gone?

3. Nakalimutan na natin ang kasaysayan dahil nabubuhay padin tayo sa kasaysayan. We still live in the past. We all say that history repeats itself, well for me it does not repeat because history never left us however we forgot about it or are we just ignoring all these facts. Is it necesarry that we still kill each other just to attain something? Didn’t we learn from the past? Kulay sa kulay? Can we not just learn from the history and not repeat it all over again?

4. Wala dapat tatsulok. Gawin itong bilog. A line from the play said “Kung sila naman ang nasa taas at tayo ang nasa ilalim, tayo naman ang magiging alipin. Uulit at uulit lang kahit baliktarin mo, may mas mataas at mas mababa lagi.” The answer goes: “Yun na nga eh, hindi ba pwedeng wala nalang tatsulok? Yung pantay pantay lahat.” This statement struck me. Just like today. If one party wins, there will be an opposition and by the next election the opposition will win the losing party will now be the opposition. It’s just a freaking cycle and we all live in that cycle. We all live in the society that everyone will oppose and ironically also everyone will agree. Can we not just agree with something like cheering for Gilas as one nation? Should there be always a sports game to unite us?

As I was reflecting on these thoughts, I came to realize that I have much more to do. I have much more to prove. I have much more to become. This play imposes a challenge to all their viewers, to change the status-quo. The “Pasaway” mentality of our generation should take part in this. Mahilig tayong sumuway, bakit hindi natin suwayin yung norm? Why can’t we break the norm? Break the status-quo. Our ideas should turn into actions and our actions should mean something. May it be changing your own life, changing the way your community look, or changing other people’s lives.

This play challenges us all but more than a challenge, this play gives us hope, that someday, may it not be in our lifetime, but I hope it will be, that Filipinos are ready to defend the 3 STARS AND A SUN.


Change is coming. You are coming.

As the election approaches, I have the urge to write again. First, I am already voting for someone in the Presidential and Vice-Presidential position and I will try not to be bias and by doing that I will not say or drop names in this for the sake of persuading everyone to agree with me on who am I voting.

Setting aside our bias is most likely the most difficult thing we can do whenever there are competitions. In sports, pageants, bets, and even in the elections. I just don’t get it why we should play with others weaknesses rather than playing with our strengths. It saddens me that every time I watch the news, read articles, and even at presidential debates; candidates always tend to play with the weakness of their opponents. Why is it hard for us when we are competing that we give our all rather than telling everybody how awful one is. I am a basketball fan and I love it when players lose, they praise how great the defense of the other team is and their strategy next game, guess what, I’ll do better. How can it not be the same for our candidates?

I am not saying that they are not plaing with their strengths but all we hear are negative stuff about the other candidates and how we should not vote for them (Paid advertisements says othewise tho). Now we think, why should we vote for someone if all we hear are bashes to others. Let’s give time for ourselves to think why we should vote for someone. Do not think of why we should not vote for someone rather think of why we should vote for someone.

Let us all vote depending on our conscience and virtues not because our family loves him/her. Vote for someone who will let your dreams materialize. Take chances on candidates you put your trust on. Do not rely on surveys, surveys set our minds, our votes will set our country. Vote for someone who you see worth leading this nation. Vote for someone who will be the representative of the Philippines in international relations. Give your vote to someone who, for 6 years, you think can lead you. We rant on our groupings in school about our leader, now we are given the chance to choose our own leader. Choose the right one for you.

Lastly, Do not expect change if you yourself will not change. Do not expect a job if you will not apply for one. Do not expect t graduate if you will not study. Do not expect something grand if you are not dreaming big. Change will come and it should start from us; from crossing the streets using the pedestrian lane, throwing trashes in to the trash bin, paying jeepney fares, settling for a zero rather than cheating on exams. All of those things cannot be change by our government. All of those are changes from within. If you want this country to prosper, be that change. Let’s start to be the change. Our role this coming elections is to elect our leaders and as leaders ourselves, let’s help one another. Whoever wins, change will not come from them. Let us all be the change we want this nation to be.