Reasons why I have a job.

Why do people work? Or let me rephrase the question, why do you work?

We have so much reason why we are doing things. Hence, we should have a reason why we are working. One famous answer is: “To get paid”. Of course, we all want to get paid and a bonus would be getting paid by doing what you love the most but bottomline, why are you, why are we doing this?

Let me give you my reasons and give me yours afterwards.

1. To prove myself. I am an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I am not that kind of person who wasted my parents money, no. We don’t have money to waste. I messed up and working would be my way out to get back. I want to prove myself to myself, not to anyone else, that I am somebody. I can be somebody.

2. For me not to depend to my parents and grandparents. I don’t want to be a burden to them. Let them enjoy life as they should.

3. For my future needs. I read a quote before which goes like, I don’t work for the weekend to come and enjoy myself but I work for my future and enjoy the rest of my life. I don’t want to be like the people who just make ends meet. No offense to the partygoers and such but I don’t get paid just for me to enjoy a weekend and be broke the whole week. I want to enjoy everyday of my life as I am made that way, to enjoy life to its full.

4. Lastly, to progress. I don’t want to be stagnant in life. Not attending school would bore me to death. Judge me or not believe me but I enjoy going to school and taking notes, working and getting a job is much harder, yes, but atleast I am doing something. I want to do something and in the process, learn.

I enjoy working. I admire people who work hard to earn a living and to provide for their family. At the same time, I pity those who work but are not contended with the salary they get but when they get it they just go to a bar and drink with friends but they still rant that it is not enough.

As I serve the Lord for several years now, I learned to go back to the root cause, to the reason why you are doing things because probably if your reason now is far more different than before, you are doing it wrong. Go back to your first reason. It will keep you going even though you get exhausted. It will again, give you the initiative to wake up every morning and greet each day as a new opportunity to mature and progress in life.


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