First of firsts

The reason why I put up this blog site is just simple, I need an avenue where all my thoughts can be written down and so that others may, in some way, be inspired to maybe write, voice out their opinions, or just be entertained. I will be writing movie “reviews” which in my case just an opinion and how I view the movie itself. Random stuffs about anything under the sun. Opinion about social issues. Poems. Rants. And many more.

This blog may or may not please you. In that case you have the freedom to say whatever it is in your mind that pleases you and in return, it may or may not please me too. Get it? So there. This is a personal blog so whatever is in it is MY OWN PERSPECTIVE OF THINGS. Feel free to say what you want to say because those things will help me grow as a person and vice versa.

Share my post if it matters and if it may impact someone or you. Comment if does offend you. Say anything, I would be glad to hear those thoughts. My idea is limited. With your ideas plus mine, ideas could be infinite.



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