A night of desperation
Looking for a way out
Stuck in deep thought
Chasing time
Having second thoughts if you did right
Got off right
Made decisions right
But still no regrets
I know I’ve done good
Maybe I should just sit
Relax and wait
It’s all said and done
We just need to wait
No need to be desperate
Assuring myself that I will arrive
Arrive at the right time
Probably arrive
But yes, I will
And with a sigh of relief
And a breathe of fresh air
I took my step out
I am here.



While walking
Singing. Dancing. Prancing
In mid air, I stopped.
I looked around and stopped.
Seeing faces looking at me.
At disgust, in awe, I don’t know
But they are looking at me
Or was it just me?
Or are they really looking at me.
Never mind
I started again
Dancing. Singing. Prancing
I finished it
I finished the music in my head
I did it
I finally did it
It was difficult and awkward
Felt insecure of the people around me but still
I did it
It was fulfilling.
I finished it
I am done.
I can now finally rest. My hands are tired.
Feet aching. Eyes strained
I can now rest
I am done.
I am finally done.

The Begin Playlist

Just to end my personal struggle about the local movie: “The breakup playlist” and the Hollywood movie: “Begin Again”. I watched The breakup playlist and watched begin again, again.

To my not so surprise self, The movies have two different plot and way different story. So why do people argue about which is better. I don’t get it, honestly.

I know that the local scene has a bias about the local movies but man, again, to my surprise one local movie is as good as an international film. (Okay maybe I overrated it, but it was a great movie for me).

I have some points that both movies are great in their own way:

  • They both promote music but differently. What I like about The breakup playlist is that it promotes the local music which is for me is surviving on its own right now. They brought up different musicians to do a cameo for some scenes and it made me think that Original Pinoy Music has its place in the music industry. Generation today has taken for granted the local music scene because it is overshadowed by the international music scene. On the other side, Begin Again tells about music in general, that music is from the soul, songwriters write their songs probably because of personal reasons and some writes for the sake of business. That songs should interpret something. If it’s made for something it should not be sang differently. It tells the soul of the music itself.
  • The breakup playlist tells about two musicians’ love story in the same band and one is becoming someone in the scene and the other is envious of what she is becoming. This is what I like about the movie, yes it is a typical romantic comedy/drama but it is not the normal Filipino movie who should have love scenes in it and so much drama in it. It is a straight movie with twist and turns, which is for me what a movie should be like. Begin Again tells a story about two lovers, one is a songwriter, one is singer, and another character who has a name in the industry for producing artists who somewhat lost his way. In here, the singer got the hang of being an artist and probably forgot about the relationship between him and her girlfriend so he cheated. On the other note, the songwriter loves music so much that the producer had an eye on her and produced an album in such a unique way. Got his job back, the girl moved on, the singer realized what was wrong. In the end, they got themselves together.
  • I just saw one similarity of the movie, the movie goes from present to past, the present, to past, then present. That’s just it but overall they were both different great movies in their own way.

Probably we should not compare movies now and appreciate the art in it. Yes, there is a possibility of similarity in different movies but that’s just because people inspire people to do things. Me, I may write the same way as others do because I like the way they write. The same as movies.

Now do me a favor, be lost in the stars and start watching more movies.

First of firsts

The reason why I put up this blog site is just simple, I need an avenue where all my thoughts can be written down and so that others may, in some way, be inspired to maybe write, voice out their opinions, or just be entertained. I will be writing movie “reviews” which in my case just an opinion and how I view the movie itself. Random stuffs about anything under the sun. Opinion about social issues. Poems. Rants. And many more.

This blog may or may not please you. In that case you have the freedom to say whatever it is in your mind that pleases you and in return, it may or may not please me too. Get it? So there. This is a personal blog so whatever is in it is MY OWN PERSPECTIVE OF THINGS. Feel free to say what you want to say because those things will help me grow as a person and vice versa.

Share my post if it matters and if it may impact someone or you. Comment if does offend you. Say anything, I would be glad to hear those thoughts. My idea is limited. With your ideas plus mine, ideas could be infinite.